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Player Information
Name: Chloe
Personal Journal: [livejournal.com profile] serenemuffin 
Contact Info: serenemuffin@yahoo.com (E-mail)
serenemuffin (AIM)
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Hikari Horaki
Source Canon: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Age: 13 14 15
Role In Canon: Minor character; best friend of one of the protagonists, and crushes on another best friend of another protagonist.
History: Here is her character article, and here is what one of the history textbooks in her class says about the Second Impact, the results of it, and the date at which Tokyo-3 - where she lives for most of her life - was started to be built. She's from post- End of Evangelion.

(Honestly, though, I feel the need to write some of it out because she's a minor character at best.)

Hikari Horaki lives in a post-apocalyptic world, at a time when the world is slowly trying to rebuild itself from the Second Impact that cut the population of humans in half. Knowing no other world - as she was born after this disaster - she is used to the rations, the lack of much plant or animal life, the always humid and hot weather, the way the ocean sometimes tastes like blood instead of salt in Tokyo-3. Her mother died when she was young due to reasons unknown, and so she lives with her father and is the middle child of three sisters, including herself, Nozomi and Kodama. Her father is rarely at home, though, due to work and him probably trying to distance himself from his family after the death of his wife.

Around the beginning of the series, she is a dedicated class rep for her eight grade class - 2-A - where all possible Pilots for EVA units are placed, but she is not aware of this, along with the majority of her classmates. That is when the Angel attacks begin to start, trying to bring upon the Third Impact. Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, and Asuka Langley Sohryu are the three Pilots that join her class - in that order - and fight the monsters.

She is acquaintances with most people, and friends with most girls, but instantly bonds with Asuka when she transfers over and she has to deliver homework to her. Shortly after wards, she starts to convey signs of a large crush on her fellow classmate, Toji Suzuharu, her reasoning being that she believes he is a kind person. Trying to become closer to him, she admits to him that she is actually pretty good at cooking, and that she could bring him the leftovers from what she makes for her sisters, after seeing he only ate fast food and snacks for lunch. He agrees to eat them; not knowing that she was actually preparing a full bento just for him.

Sadly, before she ever gives him any of the promised food, or their relationship leads anywhere, he is severely injured while testing a new EVA that had been posses. She meets up with him in his hospital room for a short period of time, and she promises to tell his sister that he's alright. She is last seen as Asuka crashes at her place after being mentally violated by an angel, as an escape from Shinji and Misato. Hikari is quietly observant of her most of the time, and tells her that she should be proud for what she's done as a Pilot, and be able to do what she felt like. She fell asleep after listening to her friend sob into a pillow. Later, because of the damage done to Tokyo-3 by the Angel attacks, she was evacuated out of the city along with her family and most other civilians, leaving behind her old home. Her family soon begins taking care of Pen-Pen, Misato's hot-springs penguin, in order to keep him safe.

She is presumably turned into goo, or LCL, along with the rest of humanity as a result of the Third Impact in the movie End of Evangelion.


With a proper and poised stance, Hikari shows a confident face to the rest of her peers. Being representative of her class was not a task she took lightly; she puts hard effort into everything in order to make sure that nothing went wrong. She believes strongly in self-fulfillment above anything else in school, even if it means having her classmates view her as a wet blanket or an overly-bossy person. Do not ever do anything out of line in her mind, whether it is making a lewd comment or not completing a task she assigned you, or you will immediately draw her ire. As you can guess with her being in a class of young teens, and being young herself, she gets irritated easily.

Her demeanor is not just made up of practicality and an adherence to strict guidelines; like some cliche saying about roses, she has a very gentle personality to go along with her sharp, rigid thorns. She does genuinely care for her peers, too, through all of the lecturing, and is worried when they do not show up for class, or injure themselves. Especially towards the end of the series, where there are few students left who have not evacuated or been injured from the Angel attacks.

She's also very cheerful, polite and wiling to please around those she admires and respects, especially her seniors. It can even be kind of a blind faith sometimes, as she goes though the motions of what those in authority have taught her, takes news about Angel attacks at face-value, and very rarely questions any of it. Lacking any sort of reliable answer - or rules - to follow, she is lost and left to worry. It is one of the feelings she resents the most, though if it is something "normal," such as feelings of love and fear of rejection and doubts of her abilities, she asks of advice from a friend she deeply admires and trusts. Or she observes those she wishes to help, and determines a way to express her emotions in a way that is comfortable for her, as she offers to cook for her crush something healthy to eat, instead of store-bought snacks.

Not to mention she's pretty traditionally feminine: she enjoys cooking, shopping, and adorable things. Her room in her old home had stuffed dolls on the dressers, and she has a very happy relationship with Pen-Pen, the hot-springs penguin, and is frequently seen holding him in her arms or lap. While she is not that much of a gossip, she still enjoys talking about superficial things with her female friends, and complaining about boys. She also has a video-game system in her room, which means she at least makes a hobby of playing them.

At the point she was now in the tail-end of the series, she is more vulnerable than ever. Her best friend had a mental breakdown and is in a coma. Her home is gone, all of her friends are miles away, and all she has left to rely on is her shaken family and the companionship of Pen-Pen. Wondering if her life would ever go back to the way it used to be.

Then the Third Impact happened, the Human Instrumentality Project happened, and as a result of that, Hikari became LCL along with the rest of humanity. She is being brought from this time, as she feels everything, is a part of everyone, and other spiritual stuff that will make her pretty messed-up when she is brought back to her original human form. It will take a little while for her to get used to the sensation of being only her again.


Abilities: Nothing beyond what a regular human can do, though she is better-than-average at cooking. She's... ridiculously normal. Besides being turned into goo by her canon point, but that isn't something she is able to do without the Apocalypse happening. Again.

Sample: here, here & here at [livejournal.com profile] paradisa
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